No worries

The wonderful, Ibn Al-Jawzi, from ‘Saaid Al-Khatr’:

I found that affliction and worry is caused by the abandonment of Allah and pursuing the pleasures of this world. So whenever a pleasure of this world is not attained, it causes worry. Yet, he who has been blessed with the knowledge of Allah will find comfort and will be enriched with accepting Allah’s decree. Subsequently, the decree of Allah will be received with acceptance and love. And when he prays to Allah and does not find an answer immediately, his heart will not feel anxiety as (he understands that) he is an ordained slave, and will  occupy his time in serving his Lord. He will not be preoccupied with gathering wealth, socializing with the mass, or following his desire. He would either have shortcomings in his knowledge of Allah, and would make up for it in worship, so that to attain ever-lasting life over the transient one. Or either he would have tasted the joy of knowledge and avoids people to spend time with the Lord of the people. You will see him highly mannered in his seclusion with Allah, happy in his exclusive calling, repulsed by mixing with people, and feels at ease with Allah’s decree. Living with Allah would then be like a person living with his loved One, he would not prefer anyone but Him, and does not worry except about Him.


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