.:: About calamity and being patient ::.


Wahb bin Munbih reported that ‘Issa, ‘alayhi asalaam, said to the hawariyoon: the most anxious and alaramed (of you) in time of calamity are those who love the dunya most. [ Siyar A’lam Al-Nubalaa, 4/551]

Sha’bi reported, Shuraih said: Once I’m afflicted with calamity I would praise Allah four times. I would praise him for not having sent a greater calamity, I would praise him for giving me patience over it, I would praise him for guiding me to utter Istirja3 (La Hawla wa la quwata ila bilah) in which I seek reward for, and I would praise for not letting it to fall upon my deen (faith). [ Siyar A’lam Al-Nubalaa, 4/105]

Ibn ‘awn said: A slave shall not reach the truth of acceptance (ridha) until his acceptance are the same in times of poverty and in richness, How can you ask Allah to decree for you in your matters if you despair from his decree since it goes against your desires? Perhaps if you were given what you asked (of desires) it would have caused your destruction, and then you accept his decree when its finally becomes pleasing to your desires? You have neither gained (done justice to yourself) nor reached the doors of acceptance. [ Sifat Al-Safwa, 3/311]


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