Ya Allah, have mercy on me!

I imagine myself here today writing this to you, but I can’t bear to imagine myself tomorrow..and where I will be. I know I will be buried. I know I will be resurrected to be accounted for my sins. I believe that Allah is Merciful but unless I change, unless I change to what pleases Him..what will I say to Him? He has given me everything, just looking at my children’s eyes, I know He has given me …everything. He has given me health, and how am I repaying Him? He has given me money…and what am I doing with it? He has provided me with life, the ability to witness the beauty of His creation, and He has given me a heart that has surrendered to Him. His blessings are too many to be counted but has my soul truly surrendered?I know that I will be accounted for. I know I am full of sins. I also know that His mercy supersedes His anger, and I plead to Him by His mercy..
Ya Allah, have mercy on me!

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