Just one person..

The Prophet, salah allahu ‘alayhi wa salam, said:

…for, by Allah, if Allah guides aright even one person through you that is better for you than to possess the most valuable of the camels.


If Allah guides one person through you..that’s all it takes. If Allah gives you this blessing of being able to call just one person to accept Islam, or begin praying, or helping him with his or her deen it’s better for you than the pleasures of this world. Ya Allah, Ya Kareem..how amazing is that! Therefore, this step, to be a great da’iya (caller) to Allah is very important. You’ll be a cause, by Allah’s will, for others to love Allah. You’ve help guide someone to practicing Islam! You’ve helped save someone from hell-fire and the wrath of Allah!

This takes a lot of sincerity and consistency. Brothers and sisters, don’t underestimate the deen of Allah, and don’t underestimate it with people. People are intrinsically good. They wish for goodness upon themselves and others – but they don’t realize it yet. Build on that. Be a GREAT example with you manners, speech, and presentation. Don’t shun people from the deen of Allah, but attempt to pull them in..for how much longer are we here for? 10, 20, or 30 more years? That’s all we have left until we leave all the good and bad we’ve done behind..

Let  your words and actions be a reflection of your upright character..the character of a true Muslim. If you speak from the heart, it will reach the heart, ensh’allah. Don’t call to yourself, or for recognition, call because you sincerely love them and wish well for them. Call to Allah, and He is the reason why you and I, and all the Muslims gathered here, because of Him, All-Mighty.

So, it’s just one person..


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