We have purchased it! (True Story)

Last night, on an Islamic channel called ‘Al-Rahma’, a Shaikh narrated this true story:

A woman in France, who adhered to the Islamic dresscode and wore a niqab, entered a supermarket. She gathered some items and went to the check-out counter. When she arrived there, the woman chashier was a Muslimah. However, she wore very revealing clothing and had her hair let down. The cashier was repulsed by the woman in niqab simply because of her appearance and began ringing the items with an attitude.

Within a few minutes, the cashier looked at the woman in niqaab and said,

Why did you come here? If you want to wear a niqab, you might as well have stayed in your own country and practiced you religion. We have come here [to France] to better ourselves.

The lady in niqab, with all humility, raised the piece of cloth unveiling her face to the cashier.  The cashier was astonished! The woman turned out to be a pale skinned woman with colored eyes. She was French. The cashier was amazed at how much light resonated from her face.

The woman in niqab replied,

You have come here to sell your religion, and WE have purchased it!


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