Money or Knowldge?

Ibn Al-Qayyim mentioned this in his book ‘Mftah dar Al-Sa’ada’ (The Key to Happiness) almost 40 reasons why knowledge is superior than money. Here are some points of extracts:

    •  Knowledge is an inheritor of Prophets, and money is an inheritor of Kings.
    •  Knowledge protects its holder, while the holder of money protects his money.
    •  A person with money will leave his money behind, while knowledge will follow a person to his grave.
    •  Money is given to a believer and non-believer, however [true] knowledge is only given to a believer.
    •  A knowledgeable person is required by Kings, and Kings are required by the poor.
    •  Money can lead to pride and sinful doings, while knowledge leads to humility and servitude. Therefore, money leads to the characteristics of Kings while knowledge leads the characteristics of slaves.
    •  Knowledge is a guidance that leads to happiness while money could veil it.


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