Ramadan is about you and Allah!

Ramadan is a special occasion. Everything you do now, these moments, is what counts. Your reward could equal that of mountains and valleys if not more. All your sins can be forgiven. Do you remember the countless sins that have been aching you the past year? Yes, those. Seek forgiveness for them now and commit to a change. How about being given the chance of never entering hell-fire…imagine that?! Never to see Jahannam! Ya rabb..

Everything you are doing today by fasting, reciting Quran, praying at night, is an effort to purify your heart and draw closer to Allah, are ones you will not regret on the day of Judgment, insha’allah. In an authentic report, the Prophet (SAW) said that whoever fasts and prays at night during Ramadan with firm belief and seeking the reward will have his past sins forgiven! The condition stipulated is Iman and Ihtisab. You have to believe in what you are doing rather than perform it out of custom or norm. So, he who welcomes Ramadan with faith and sincerity, I say…Ramadan is about you and Allah!

In Bukhari, it is reported that The Prophet (SAW) said, ‘Whoever fasts Ramadan out of sincere faith and seeking his reward from God, his previous sins will be forgiven.’ This is a special month like we said. In Ramadan, Jibril (‘alayhi wa salam) taught the Prophet (SAW) the Qur’an. Thus, Ramadan should have a significant meaning in our lives, and although we worship Allah at all times and occasions, our intention is to rush at the opportunity to gather the reward and earn the blessings of this month..

So, enjoy your Ramadan, every minute of it. Enjoy the acts of worship. Enjoy being around your family. Enjoy going to the mosque. Enjoy the hours you spend with the Qur’an. Smile and instill joy in others! Push away stress, unnecessary worries, or anything else that makes you sad, angry, or depressed. Don’t let anyone hinder you or put you down. It’s about you and Allah. Don’t feel discouraged if you see others doing more acts of worship than you, this should only motivate you. Remember it’s always been about you and Allah! Spend more time with the Qur’an for Allah, in prayer for Allah, and do your best to get closer to Him.¬† Make sure everything you do sincerely from your heart and seeking Allah’s pleasure and no one else. Allah is the One that Guides, Forgives, and Accepts our deeds.

May Allah guide us to the best Ramadan!


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