A Bedouin’s honesty


A Bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) confessed his belief and pledged to follow him.

He said,I will make hijrah with you.’

So the Prophet (s.a.w) advised his companions to take care of him. In the battle of Khaybar, the Prophet (s.a.w) received some booties (sheep) and he distributed it. The Bedouin was also given a portion. So his companions were given to keep it until he arrived, and when he did, they pushed it towards him.

He said: ‘What is this?’

They said: ‘This is a portion that was distributed to you by the Prophet (s.a.w)’

So he took it and went to the Prophet (s.a.w).

He said: ‘This is not why I have followed you but I have followed you so that I can have an arrow come through me (and he pointed to his throat) so that I would die and enter Jannah.’

The Prophet (s.a.w): ‘If you are truthful with Allah then Allah will confirm your truthfulness.’

He then jumped into battle with the enemy until he was killed and brought to the Prophet (s.a.w).

The Prophet (s.a.w):Is this him?’

They said: ‘Yes.’

The Prophet (s.a.w): ‘He was truthful with Allah so Allah confirmed his truthfulness.’

The Prophet (s.a.w) shrouded him with his overcoat and prayed over him. He prayed for him saying: O Allah, this is your slave who departed as a mujahid for your cause, he was killed a martyr, and I am a witness upon him.’

[This story can be found in Al-Nisa’ee, 4/60, Al-Hakim, 3/595-6, Al-Bayhaqi in Al-Sunan, 4/15-16, 1/291, authentic chain of narration]


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