Mark of sujood

The Prophet (saw) said: “…When Allah (swt) has finished judging mankind, and wants to bring whomever He wills out of Hell by His Mercy, He will order angels to bring forth those upon who He wishes to bestow His mercy of the people who never associated anything in worship with Allah (swt), and who said, “Laa ilaaha illaah Allah”. The angels will recognise them in Hell, and will know them by the mark of sujood on their foreheads. The Fire will consume all of a man except the mark of sujood which Allah (swt) has forbidden the Fire to consume. They will be brought forth, having been burned in the Fire, the water of life will be poured on then, and they will grow like seeds left by still after a flood”. [Saheeh Muslim, Kitaab al-Imaan, Baab ar-Ru’yah, 1/299, no. 182]

Al-Qadhi ‘Iyadh commented in Fatih Al-Bari, 11/456 about a similar hadith in Al-Bukhari:

It is evident in this hadith that the punishment of the believers with sins is different than the disbelievers, and that fire will not reach all their body parts for the sake of the areas of sujood (prostration).

Allah honor’s the body parts of the believers by exempting their forehead, knees, hands, and legs from punishment. This clearly shows the mercy of Allah upon His believing slaves.

Another important lesson we should derive from this hadith is that people who perform prayer, just like you and I, could also be from the people of Hell-Fire. Of course, they’ll punished for their sins. Imagine if it were you or me the angels are pull outing…la hawla wa la quwata ila bilah. Don’t be foolish enough to think that we have been given a free pass out of punishment yet, we all wait for Allah’s final verdict. Let the fear of punishment catapult you to being a sincere believer that fears His punishment. It is critical that we take notice of this message today and dedicate the rest of our time for the purpose of being obedient to Allah and seeking His forgiveness. Allah’s mercy prevails over His wrath but we have to show Allah that we are deserving of it.

We ask Allah that He exempt our entire body from touching Hell-Fire..

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