The fear of sins

A man said to Al-‘Alaa bi Ziyad, “I saw you in a dream as if you were in Jannah’. He replied, ‘Woe to you! Didn’t the Shaytan find anyone else to ridicule except you and I!”  [Hilat Al-Awliya’, 2/245]

Al-Sarri Al-Suqti said, “I would not like anyone to know where I die”. It was said to him, ‘Why is that O Abu Al-Hassan?’. He said, ‘I am afraid my grave will not accept me (due to my sins) then I will be exposed’.  [Shu’ab Al-Iman, 1/523]

Malik bin Dinar said, “If there was a caller at the door of the mosque and he said: let the worse man of you come out, I swear, no one would beat me to the door except a man who is blessed with more power or speed.”

May Allah have mercy on them


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