O Controller of hearts!

At times, we falsely assume that guidance lie in our hands. We assume that because we pray and fast, we have reached our goal. How wrong we are! Our goal is not only to practice Islam but to also die upon it. We pray that our best deeds become our last so that we meet Allah in the state we left. This is not possible if we lose sight of our path mid-way. We will all face the trials and tribulations of life and it is upon each one of us to rely on Allah to give us strength to overcome them. Our strength is attained by continuously asking Allah for steadfastness (thabat) and seeking His protection against these fitan. We should have a constant worry of taqalub al-quloob, or the change of hearts, and it should propel us to seek refuge with Allah from all evil especially one that can damage our faith.  Umm Salamah, the wife of the Prophet (SAW), said that this was his most frequent dua to Allah, “O controller of heart! make my heart firm on your deen”. He used to repeat this du’a often and yes, he was repeating it while he was the Chosen One…Subhanna Allah! This only proves how important the du’a actually is.

In Muslim, it is reported that the Prophet (SAW) used to also say: “O Allah! I ask You for guidance, piety, chastity and self-sufficiency”. This is why many of the Sahabah and the righteous people used to look closely at the state of their heart and fear it would change. Allah says, “Men  whom  neither  commerce  nor  sale  distracts  from  the  remembrance  of Allah and  performance  of  prayer  and  giving  of  zakah.  They  fear  a  Day  in  which  the  hearts and  eyes  will  [fearfully]  turn  about [24:37]

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