For the hours we did not spend

One of the Salaf said, “On the Day of Judgment, the Son of Adam will be shown the hours of his life, and he will be torn with regret for every hour he did not spend remembering Allah,” [Jaami’ al-‘Uloom wal Hikam, P. 135]

Allah says, “[For  such  is  the  state  of  the  disbelievers],  until,  when  death  comes  to  one  of  them,  he says,  ‘My  Lord,  send  me  back That  I  might  do  righteousness  in  that  which  I  left  behind.‘  No!  It  is  only  a  word  he  is saying;  and  behind  them  is  a  barrier  until  the  Day  they  are  resurrected” [23:99-100]

Even as I write these words and you read them, these very seconds will be played back to us on the Day of Judgement. What did we do after we’ve been shown the truth? After we received the warning? Let’s try to do our best, strive for goodness, repent, and turn to Allah. May Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings..


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