Ibn Taymiya’s brother


Abu Hafs Al-Bazar said:

“I have not seen anyone glorify Shaikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah more than his own brother, and he is the one who handles his worldly affairs and what he needs. He used to sit in his presence as if a bird was on his head and he would fear him like the one who fears a ruler. We would be amazed and say, ‘From custom and norm is that a man’s family members will not be as reserved as outsiders but would open up more than an outsider, and we see you with the Shaikh like a student who exceeds in his respect and reservation of him.

He replied, ‘I see things of him what nobody else has seen which obliges me to be the way I am in front of him’

[Al-‘Alam Al ‘Aliya fi Manaqib Ibn Taymiyah, P. 19]

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