Amazing true story that happened in Hajj!


I met a man in Minna, a young man who was not an Arab, and he was carrying an old man on top of his back. I wanted to thank him for his kindness so I said to him, “Jazzak Allahu khairan for your… dutifulness towards your father.” He said, “He is not my father and he is not even from my country.” I said to him, “Who is this?” He replied, “I found him in ‘Arafah and he had no one with him so I carried him on my back to Muzdalifah and then to Minna.”

I told him, “Why did you do that?!”

He said, “Subhanna Allah, {Verily, the believers are brothers} 49:10”


One Comment on “Amazing true story that happened in Hajj!”

  1. ALi says:

    SuBhaAllah, May Allah BLess u

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