About Us

We love you for the sake of Allah!

Jazzakum Allahu Khairan for visiting Pure-Words.

This blog is dedicated to offer Islamic reminders in the source of beneficial writing, thoughts, translations, videos, and other resourceful material to help us all learn a little more about our religion. We aim to share the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah in a creative and informative manner, Insha’Allah. Pure-Words adheres strictly to the authentic teachings of Islam by way of the the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) in accordance to the understanding of the noble Sahabah and the pious Salaf.

Please browse the website as it contains plentiful of posts that should be dug out through the archives and search option. We kindly request that you follow us via email and by Facebook, as well as taking time to stop by daily in order to read our latest posts.

Finally, we must thank all those who have shown their unrelenting support for our initiative. The best way to participate with us is by sharing the knowledge on this website, perhaps Allah will bless our deeds and allows others to benefit as we have.

May Allah purify our hearts and aid us with sincerity. It is He who we rely upon and He whom we will return to.

“O  mankind,  you  are  those  in  need  of Allah ,  while Allah is  the  Free  of  need,  the Praiseworthy.” [35:15]

Your brother filah,

LivingUnderMercy OfAllah


2 Comments on “About Us”

  1. rezia says:

    Asalaam wa alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatu

    Hope you in good health insha allah.

    I really enjoy your blog although I find that the videos take long to load and sometimes stop playing causing you to have to reload it. I wads wondering if its possible if you could make the videos acssesable in a way where we could download it

    May allah reward you for your efforts ameen


  2. purewordss says:

    wa alaikum asalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh..

    Jazzakum Allahu khairan. Yeah, I understand your concerns, barak allahu feekum. Ok, why don’t you do this, go to our http://www.youtube.com/user/LivingUnderMercy82 and select the videos you want and download it via: http://www.ilivid.com/.

    Keep me updated, wafaqakum Allah.

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