When he benefitted and benefitted from


Ayoub al-Mutawakil said: “When Al-Khalil bin Ahmad would help benefit a person with something, he would not show him that he benefited him. However, if he benefited something from a person, he would show him that he benefited from him.” [Al-Siyar, 7/431]

> Ah, what a pure soul he must have been…


A wicked companion


Ja’far bin Sulayman said: “I saw Malik bin Dinar sitting and next to him was a dog. I said to him, ‘What is this, O Aba Yahya?’ He said, ‘Better than having a wicked man for a companion’.” [Al-Zuhd al-Kabir, al-Bayhaqi]

Surround yourself with righteous people and don’t give room for anyone to jeopardize your faith. Evil companions are a disease that spread from the ears to the heart and make you a prisoner of their thought, manner, and agenda. Search for the pure, the humble, the knowledgeable, the kind, the generous, and preserve them like you would preserve your own children.

Shaikh Nabil Al-Awadhi gives a reminder to a group of famous scholars

Shaikh Nabil al-Awadhi gives a very touching reminder about humbleness to a group of famous scholars such as ‘Ayid Al-Qarni, Mohammed Al-‘Arifi, Sa’ad Al-Baraik, Ibrahim Al-Duwaish. and others.

From a wonderful Ramadan TV program called, ‘Sawa’ed al-Ikhaa’. A remarkable scene..

“O Allah, save me from my own greed”



Abu Hayaj Al-Asadi said, “I heard an old many saying while making tawaf behind the House (Ka’ba), ‘O Allah! Save me from my own greed’. I did not know who he was so when he left, I followed him and asked about him. They said, ‘He is Abdulrahman bin ‘Awf’.” [Ibn abi Shaybah, ‘Al-Musanaf’, 30155]

> And he was one of the most generous of men too, radhiya Allahu ‘anhu..

“Give me permission to fornicate…”


Once as the Messenger of Allah, salah allahu ‘alayhi wa salam, was seated with his companions in the mosque, a young man walked in and he seemed as though he was looking for someone. He kept moving his glance left and right until it fell on the Prophet, salah allahu ‘alahyhi wa salam. He began to walk towards him.

He then uttered boldly: O Messenger of Allah, give me permission to fornicate..”

The Prophet replied: “Do you accept it (fornication) for your mother?”

The young man said: “No.”

The Prophet replied: “And likewise, people don’t like it for their mothers.”

The Prophet then said: Do you accept it for your sister?”

The young man replied: “No.”

The Prophet said: “And likewise, people don’t like it for their sisters.”

The Prophet then said: “You should then like for people what you like for yourself, and dislike for people what you dislike for yourself.”

The young man felt that he had committed a mistake. He then said with all humility: “Pray to Allah to purify my heart.”

The Prophet asked the young man to get nearer and nearer to him, and then he placed his hand on his chest, and said: O Allah, guide his heart, forgive his sins, and protect his chastity.”

The young man said as he was leaving the mosque: I swear by Allah that I walked into the Prophet and there wasn’t anything more beloved to me than zina, and I leave and there isn’t anything more disgusting to me than zina,”

[Ahmad, Sahih Hadith]

Modesty of the Sahabah and Salaf


Al-Hamdani said, “I saw ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan (radhiya Allahu ‘anhu) riding a mule and behind him was his servant, Na’el, and he was the Khalifah.” [Al-Hiliya, 1/60]

The Perfect Balance


Sa’eed bin Al-Jurairi said, “They used to make the first part of their day to accomplish their [worldly] requirements and reform their living, and they would leave the end of the day to worship their Lord and perform their prayers.” [Tahdhib al-Hiliya, 2/275]

The Salaf drew the perfect balance of taking what is beneficial from this world and carrying it to the Hereafter. A balance that helped them pursue their living in order to migrate at the end of the night to worship Allah. There was no excessiveness or burden in their lives. Their target was clear; their path was achievable. The world was nothing else but a garden where they could plant their good deeds such as to see its fruits in the Hereafter. Their nights were special as it was their soul’s delight.

It was a perfect balance of dunya and akhira..