“…is better than the world and whatever is in it.”


Do you really know what the entire world is worth compared to Paradise? You would think that all the money and amazing cars, the glorious palaces and servants, and traveling to the most scenic beaches is the height of satisfaction…right? Well, it’s not. It’s not even worth the tiniest place in the vast grandeur of Paradise! You can be given every sort of pleasure today, right this moment, but it would melt in comparison to the pleasure of the Hereafter.  Don’t make this world your final goal and throw away your enduring happiness. Don’t think for a second that money, cars, and houses is what we live for. If it really mattered to Allah, he would have given everyone these pleasures. What He wants for us is far better and lasting. Keep working for it and try to imagine from time to time your place in Paradise. You’ll soon know why you sacrificed everything for it, Insha’Allah.

The Prophet (salah allahu ‘alayhi wa salam) said, “A (small) place equal to an area occupied by a whip in Paradise is better than the (whole) world and whatever is in it.” [Bukhari]


If Allah loves you

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If Allah loves you, He gives you His most precious gift and that is guidance. Allah’s love is not reflected on how good he made you look, or what type of car you drive, or how high your college has elevated you in status. Allah gives that to many, each getting their own share of His distribution. Yet, the gift of guidance is the ultimate sign of His love, and this particular gift, He selects Himself (subhannahu wa t’ala). Imagine that Allah remembers your name now?!

Therefore, be grateful, happy, and proud. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel sad for not being that ‘great’ person in this life because your greatness lies in being obedient to Him. Although people’s perception might be blurred, don’t let yours be either. You know that in return, Allah will give you what you couldn’t ever dream of having – a Paradise unknown to anyone yet!

Be with Allah & You’ll never fall.


A home for free


You never expected to get a home for free did you? It’s a home unbias to both rich and poor. It’s a home that accepts no negotiation or best offers.

It’s will be yours for sure but with one condidtion…you can decorate it the way you please. So, pick your decoration from now, either good deeds or bad.

He found us lost and guided us

Looking back at our lives, I wonder what did we do to deserve this great blessing? To deserve Islam and remembering Allah?! He found us lost and guided us. He bestowed His Kindness upon us and here we are…subhanna Allah. Here we are today and we would have continued to remain insignificant if it was not for the help of Allah. He gives us value and worth by enabling us to remember Him. Is He not the One who protected us throughout our adolescent mishaps and falters, and pulled us through in one piece? Isn’t He who saved us from the evils of society, of bad character, and misleading friends and removed us completely of it? We are here today because of Allah and non one else! He has honored and enriched our lives with Islam.

Seriously, how can you live a moment away from Him?

Cheer up!

Cheer up…Allah is with you! He (tabarak wa ta’ala) says, “Indeed, Allah is  with  those  who  fear  Him  and  those  who  are  doers  of  good”. Think positively of your Lord and worship Him with utmost love and humility. Don’t overwhelm yourself with sadness and distress but find the comfort of the obedient slave of Allah. Life feels so great when you know Allah is with you! Enjoy worshiping Him, calling Him, letting Him know your pain, thanking Him for your food and health, and sharing this feeling with others. Cheer up! Never forget to say ‘Alhamdulilah’ for everything. Regardless of what is occurring right now in your life and the hardship you are facing, Allah is with you! He sees you now; He hears you now! Look up to the sky knowing that Allah, the Creator of the Universe, knows what lies in your heart and He is there to help you! He is actually closer to you than you think! Allah says, “We  are closer  to  him  than  [his]  jugular  vein”.

For the sake of Allah!

I love you all for the sake of Allah!

The Prophet (salah allahu ‘alayhi wa salam) said, “If a man loves his brother, he should tell him that he loves him.” [Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi]