Abandoning sins



Ibn Khashram said:

I saw Waki’ and I never saw a book in his hand but he used to memorize. I asked him, “What is the treatment for memorization?”

He replied, “Abandoning sins, as I have not tried anything like it for memorization.”

[‘Al-Tahdhib’, Ibn Hajar]


Rabia’s Honor


Ulquma’s sincere du’a


When ‘Ulquma came to Al-Shaam as a stranger, he made the du’a: “O Allah, facilitate for me a righteous companion.”

He said, “So I came to a group of people and I sat with them until a man came and sat beside me. I said, ‘Who is this?’ They said, ‘Abu Al-Darda!’

When he benefitted and benefitted from


Ayoub al-Mutawakil said: “When Al-Khalil bin Ahmad would help benefit a person with something, he would not show him that he benefited him. However, if he benefited something from a person, he would show him that he benefited from him.” [Al-Siyar, 7/431]

> Ah, what a pure soul he must have been…

A wicked companion


Ja’far bin Sulayman said: “I saw Malik bin Dinar sitting and next to him was a dog. I said to him, ‘What is this, O Aba Yahya?’ He said, ‘Better than having a wicked man for a companion’.” [Al-Zuhd al-Kabir, al-Bayhaqi]

Surround yourself with righteous people and don’t give room for anyone to jeopardize your faith. Evil companions are a disease that spread from the ears to the heart and make you a prisoner of their thought, manner, and agenda. Search for the pure, the humble, the knowledgeable, the kind, the generous, and preserve them like you would preserve your own children.

Victory over the enemy


Al-Qadhi Baha’ Ad-Deen said:

“I saw Salah Ad-Deen in prostration and his tear dropping on his white hair then on his prayer mat, and that day did not finish except that he received news of victory over his enemies.”

His feet would get swollen


The wife of Ibn Masrooq said, “Masrooq used to pray until his feet would get swollen and I would sit behind him crying after seeing what he does to himself (i.e. striving in worship).”

[Ibn abi Al-Dunya, ‘Al-Tahajud, 219]