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Amazing true story that happened in Hajj!


I met a man in Minna, a young man who was not an Arab, and he was carrying an old man on top of his back. I wanted to thank him for his kindness so I said to him, “Jazzak Allahu khairan for your… dutifulness towards your father.” He said, “He is not my father and he is not even from my country.” I said to him, “Who is this?” He replied, “I found him in ‘Arafah and he had no one with him so I carried him on my back to Muzdalifah and then to Minna.”

I told him, “Why did you do that?!”

He said, “Subhanna Allah, {Verily, the believers are brothers} 49:10”

The story of the child who accepted Islam at the age of 8!

story child
The American Muslim child who studied Islam at the age of 6 announced his acceptance at the age of 8.
The Prophet (saw) said, “There is none born but is created to his true nature (Islam). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian…” [Sahih Muslim]
Alexander Fretz was born Christian parents in 1990 and his mother chose from the very beginning to allow him to choose what religion he wants for himself. She bought him various religious books and after a close look, he announced that he was a Muslim at the age of 8. Moreover, he learned everything about Islam such as prayer, Qur’an memorization, calling the athan, and many of the Shariah laws before meeting one Muslim!
He chose to be named Mohammed Abdullah following the example of the Prophet whom he loved.
He was invited by one of the Islamic channels accompanied by his mother and while the host was preparing to ask the young child questions, he was surprised that the child was doing the questioning…he asked, “How can I perform hajj and umrah? Is the travel expensive? Where did you buy the clothes of Ihram?”
The young child was popular in his school and when the time of prayer comes, he stands alone calling the athan and prays.
The host asked him, “Do you face problems or disturbances with that?”,  So he replied with a broken heart, “Some prayers pass me sometimes because I don’ t know the exact time for prayer!”
He was asked, “What attracted you to Islam?”  He replied,The more I read about it, the more I loved it.”
He was asked, “What are your aspirations?” He replied with longing, “First that I become a photographer so that I can convey the right image of the Muslims because it pains me much to see the filthy American films which tries to tarnish the image of my beloved Mohammed (saw). The second is to go to Makkah and kiss the black stone.”
He was asked, “What are some of your other aspirations?” He replied, “I hope that Palestine would return to Muslims as this is their land and it was stripped by the Isreal from them!”
He was asked, “Do you eat pork with your parents?” He replied, “Pigs is a very filthy animal, I don’t eat it neither do I know how people can eat it.” He was asked, “Do you pray in school?” He replied, “Yes, and I have found a secret place in the library where I can pray everyday.” S
Then Maghrib prayer entered (while he was in the interview) when he looked at the host and said, “Would you allow me to raise the athan?”
Then he got up and called the athan which caused the host to tear up and cry.

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An 80 yr old man and the hospital bill


An 80 yr old man got an infection in his ears which caused him to be near deaf. The doctors informed him that he had to undergo surgery to treat this illness. The man accepted to undergo surgey as he couldn’t hear anything except the sharp pain in his ears.

After successfully completing the surgey, a payment bill was sent to him for the costs of surgery. The old man took a glance at the bill and he began to cry. When the doctor saw the state of his patient, he felt pity and told him that if the cost was too high, then they would be able to make other arrangements.

The old man replied, “I am not crying because of the money but I am crying because Allah gave me hearing for 80 yrs and He never sent me a bill.”

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